AuthorSure WordPress Plugin

AuthorSure makes it easy to implement Google’s authorship markup on your WordPress site. All you need to do is download and install the plugin, and then sign up to the free membership site to get access to tutorials to help you set things up perfectly on your site. AuthorSure works for single and multi-author sites, and can help you get your face to appear on your category, tag and other taxonomy archive pages.

Once Google has verified your authorship then you will starting building your Author Rank, which means higher rankings and your face ultimately appearing in the Google SERPs, which leads to a better clickthrough rate compared to listings without the faces showing (unless you look really scary in the Google Plus Profile photo!).

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Plugin Description: Show your face or logo in the Google search results by setting up links that allow Google to verify your authorship of the articles on your site.
Requirements: Requires at least PHP Version 5.2.4
Plugin Author : Russell Jamieson
Download Link : Download AuthorSure from WordPress.Org
Current Version : 2.0 (updated 20-Jan-2014)

AuthorSure Features

  • AuthorSure works with both single and multiple author WordPress websites and blog
  • You get a choice of locations to place your rel=”author” markup
  • AuthorSure automatically inserts a rel=”me” back to the Google Profile page
  • Configures author archive pages with title, short or extended biography, and more.
  • Has controls so you can suppress author information where it is not required on a page-by-page basis on posts, pages and custom post types such as landing pages or thank you pages
  • Furthermore AuthorSure can add rel=”publisher” on the home page so the company or brand is registered as the site publisher with Google
  • Everything is explained via a series of videos (please sign up to access these) that help show the various ways the plugin can be configured to work with different themes

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