Setting Up AuthorSure for Single Author Blogs

If you have a blog with a single author who writes all the content, and you are using the WordPress menu system, then you can use the About page on the menu to specify the rel=”author” link.

AuthorSure will then place the author’s Google+ profile at the foot of the About page.

An Example Site

This is a screenshot of the “about page” with the profile information below .

Screenshot of author page with contact information including link to Google Plus profile at the foot of the page

Setting up the Menu Link

This is a screenshot of the WordPress menu administration where you set up the link with rel=”author”.

Screenshot of setting up the About page menu link with rel=author

When To Use the Rel=Author Menu Link

This menu linking method is appropriate when:

  • you have just one author on your site;
  • you are using the WordPress menu system
  • you don’t want to put an author box on every page on your site;
  • your WordPress theme does not provide rel=”author” links in the post byline

AuthorSure Settings

When you select ‘menu’ as the method of identifying the author there are two settings:

  1. choose the primary author
  2. choose which page is your about page (the one where you added “author” as the link relationship

Screenshot of AuthorSure admin page when menu is selected as the method of identifying the author


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  1. This is a pretty slick plugin. Thanks for the good documentation here.

  2. I have everything set up and working but my photo is not showing up on my Bio on my about page. It’s all set up according to the above instructions for a single author/user.

    My picture is uploaded in my user file showing one large image and a thumbnail. The bio is showing everything as set up in my user profile.

    Please advise and thank you.

  3. Hello there,

    Thank you for this plug-in. I have set up Author sure like you explain here but i don’t show the “author box” (with my face and bio) in my blog posts. Is it normal ?
    Nicolas TAFFOREAU recently posted..Ouverture du site webMy Profile

  4. Hi Russell – I am having a bit of problem wonder if you could help please. Great plug in by the way!

    On my wordpress I am using WPLook. My bio appears on all my posts however when I click on my name in the bio to go to the bio page I created it just post over my header no even on my blog.

    I been trying different methods sitll no fix what can I do?

    Thanks a “Million”

  5. Hello Russell,

    Great plugin! I seem to have the basics setup as Rich Snippets shows my profile pic, but I am a bit confused about two things:

    1. shows my archives but no description or social profiles.

    2. shows my meta description and profiles, but no recent posts.

    How can I combine both into one page?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Russell,

    Is there any way to show up the author avatar in home page excepts too?

    Sreejesh recently posted..LG’s “World Record Campaign” shines with a Flash Mob Proposal in IndiaMy Profile

    • Hi Sreejesh,

      AuthorSure is designed to only put one AuthorBox (or rel=author link) on each page.

      On an archive page or home page you have multiple posts so it not clear how Google interprets a page with multiple author links.

      Many themes will add an author avatar in the byline for each post excerpt so my suggestion would be to use a WordPress theme that does this for you. With Genesis, Thesis or Hybrid then this is all pretty straightforward.


      Russell recently posted..Welcome To Google Authorship My Profile

  7. chrisgreene100 says:

    Is it possible to insert hyperlinks in the authorbox? when I manually insert the html code for a link in the “About The user” section, it is removed when saved.

  8. Hi,

    These are warnings which you can safely ignore. They exist because the post is missing the last updated date.

    If you use the AuthorSure “footnote” method then a byline can be added to the foot of the post: “Last updated by author(with link) on Date and there will be no warnings in the Google Rich Snippets Tool
    Russell recently posted..Hiding The AuthorSure Author Box On Ecommerce PagesMy Profile

  9. Hi there!

    You were so helpful to me last time, I wonder if I might ask you another question. I seem to have lost the photo connection to my Authorsure box (and I also can’t find out where to edit the bio). I don’t seem to be able to fix these two things so I’m wondering:

    a) if you can help me with the above, or
    b) if disabling the box will cause me to lose my “rel=author” settings, and if I do this, which option should I choose instead. I have the Thesis theme.

    Thank you!
    Alison Golden recently posted..Paleo Recipes: TapenadeMy Profile

  10. I enabled plugin, chose ‘author box’ and added my Google + page. The short bio shows at the base of each post as required but if I click on my name ‘About Toni’ I see the short Bio at the top but of ….author/Toni with posts below but ‘Here are my most recent posts’ are only displayed in the ‘recent posts’ widget to the right!

    I also cant seem to get Google + to validate the page even though I had added some URL’s including the ‘author. Would appreciate some help as I signed up to your site but then couldn’t log in. ‘authorization required’!
    Toni recently posted..Team Building Hua HinMy Profile

  11. Hi,
    I am using the Boilerplate theme, and the google plus icon is not showing up in the about me page:
    is there a conflict with this specific theme?
    also, the archive page: does not show my profile image or social media icons. why is that?

    Elinor recently posted..Career Networking for Outcomes – The Starter Kit [Brief Edition]My Profile

  12. dkrfeatherston says:

    Being a single author site, I have tried using this method to establish G+ authorship on my site with no luck.

    Firstly, when using the RichSnippetsTool to confirm having worked I get;
    Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found.

    and secondly the “contact method labels” other than the G+ are not showing up on my “about author” page>> I have labeled Contact Us.
    Hope you can help as I’m no expert, haha.

  13. Hi

    I installed the plugin and got issues with the website because of too many redirects. After deleting the plugin everything worked again. Not sure what happened but was not too happy :(.
    Sandra recently posted..Why print and online should work togetherMy Profile

    • Hi Sandra,

      AuthorSure does not do any redirects – it only use standard WordPress functions such as get_avatar.

      I note you are using the Equilibrium theme and that you are running an out of date version of jQuery, 1.6.2, whereas WordPress comes with 1.10.2 so you are a couple of years out of date.

      All I can suggest is that your WordPress theme, or your .htaccess file, or a plugin is doing a redirect, and an AuthorSure call such as get_avatar() might be falling into that trap.

      Debugging this is typically time consuming. First thing to try is temporarily changing theme and seeing if that makes a difference. Then it that is not the issue, then trying disabling all plugins then add AuthorSure, then add plugins one at a time until it stops working.

      If it does not work with AuthorSure, no other plugins, and TwentyThirteen then your .htaccess, web server configuration is the issue.

      It is just a painstaking exercise to find out where there incompatibility lies.
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

  14. Sir,

    I have download this plugin. I need one small clarification. Does it add rel=author to archive page if i enable the check box? If yes, then is it good or bad? Please update…
    Aniruddh recently posted..Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Multi Window TipsMy Profile

    • AuthorSure will add a “Last Updated By” with rel=”author” either at the top or the bottom of your archive pages.

      This is a really good feature if you are leveraging tag and a category archive pages on your site by writing engaging “toppers” that introduce that the topic as your archive pages with be the best performing pages on your site in the SERPS after the home page.
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

  15. says:

    Hey there,

    I have installed the plugin using the Menu method as described. When checking the rich snipit tool authorship mark-up works for the home page and the about us page but not for any other page? I set up on another site the exact same way and all urls show correct markup. Not sure what is happening with this other site.

    • Chad, Please supply your URL and I will take a look. Without seeing it, the most likely cause is that you have NOT added “author” in the Link relationship for the “About” menu entry.
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

  16. Hi! This seems like a great plug-in. Thank you for your hard work on it!
    My blog uses the Dusk to Dawn theme, which does not have an author byline option. I thought I configured the AuthorSure settings correctly, but the byline isn’t showing up on my posts — only on my pages. What is the likely cause of this?
    Thank you for your time!

  17. Hi Russel!

    Many thanks for such an incredible Plugin. I was pretty much worried about authorship verification of my site. I was unable to verify authorship for my homepage. I was trying hard to fix the issue. Then i cam across AuthorSure gem. After installation and configuration, I simply checked my authorship verification. I was amazed it started working within seconds.

    Thanks again.

    SarahBennetMills recently posted..How to Setup Cloudflare CDN with WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  18. Thank you so much!!

    For two days I’ve been trying to make authorship to work and I ended up turning my whole website upside down and inside out until finally I found your article.

    I’ve tried every plugin and tutorial out there and still couldn’t make it work.

    Your tutorial was clear and easy to follow. The second image was a bit confusing (I didn’t know what you meant by Link Relationship (XFN), but I found it easily in the Screen Options tab.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Andi recently posted..Diferența între blogul personal și blogul de businessMy Profile

  19. Great work.
    Been looking for days now how to make my author archive more of a about the author page.
    Thanks to your plugin I finally can make some changes to that page.
    Thank you very much.
    Yves recently posted..Tracy Morgan in kritieke toestand na auto ongelukMy Profile

  20. Hi Russell.

    How do I get the Author bio box to only show up on the blog posts?


  21. hey russell

    I am having problem with this plugin. I have used the author box method since my theme VANTAGE uses the by line at the top of post content. But now, the authorship is only working on the homepage and not on the other pages. However, the author box is shown perfectly with each post and page. I don’t know what is the problem now. Please help!

    my website is

  22. Hey russell

    One more thing I have to add, the authorship is working perfectly for the posts and homepage only. The authorship is not working on the other pages while the publisher markup is verified on both pages and posts. website is . Please help me.
    Yasir Ahmed recently posted..Test PostMy Profile

    • Hi Yasir,

      Something other than AuthorSure, maybe another plugin, or maybe your theme, is adding the following line in the head of your page which is invalidating the HTML. You need to remove this line

      <a href=”″ rel=”publisher”></a>
      Russell recently posted..How To Change The Author Box Background ColorMy Profile

  23. Hi…
    I am not able to display author description in author box.
    hasan recently posted..Pagination Problem Of Custom Post Type Template : (Solved)My Profile

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