AuthorSure Launched Today

It’s the early hours of 14th February and we’ve just launched our fourth WordPress plugin. We hope lots of people will use it. Any problems please get back to us, as although this is a free plugin. we’ll attempt to help anyone who is signed up to our list, to use it.

I implemented rel=author on my WordPress site manually and suggested to Russell that he write a plugin. AuthorSure is the result.


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    Just installed the plugin – it certainly looks like the best option I’ve seen so far in the WP Plugins that are available. And an added bonus is the Author Bio and preface to Author Archive. Nice combo, guys.

    I do notice that the author gravatar is missing from the Archive – unsure whether this is a design feature or not.

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      Hi Martin – Thanks for your comments. At the moment that is a design feature, although we are bringing out a new version early next week that will address this – however, because we need make the plugin pay its way, we will probably be making this a PRO feature.

      Some sites are multi-author and we don’t know which author to place on say tag and category pages – it could be more than one. The Pro release will take this into account and allow the user to choose whether or not to treat the archive pages as single author or brand pages. That is the plan. We have some other ideas for PRO too, which we’ll introduce in subsequent releases.


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