How Your Search Engine Results Could Look

If you implement Google’s authorship markup properly, you will begin the process of getting your content labelled as belonging to you. This helps Google differentiate between stuff you wrote and stuff that other people have copied or scraped from your site. Once your face (or logo, depending on how you set things up), starts to show in the search engines, it gives your SERPs an authority which helps with ranking (you are nearer the top) and with branding.

How Do I Get My Face In The SERPs?

First you have to implement rel=author on your WordPress site. To do this go and download the plugin and then sign up for our free membership site where you can get support. It won’t work instantly, but to get it to work at all, you must take the first steps as soon as possible.

Here is a page of the SERPs showing my face amongst others with bigger social profiles than I have. Since this started to work for me, I’ve had increased traffic levels to my site.


And here is another screenshot, showing a number of my posts with a face!

Google Authorship Markup


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  1. says

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for this excellent plugin. Beats the zap out of every other authorship plugin available in the market today.

    I’ve had issues with my Google authorship where the snippet tool kept showing: Warning: Missing required hCard “author” – your plugin fixed it for me. Thanks!!! I appreciate you guys..
    Danny Cheng recently posted..Learn How to Make Your Own Comic From Real ProsMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Russell and Liz, I have a question. Some time ago when I did not know your plugin yet I purchased Snippet Magic Pro plugin. My face appeared in the search results and now it has disappeared again.
    Second problem with the google testtool is see warnings for the htom feed : Missing required field “updated”.
    Warning : Missing required hCard “author”.
    what should I do now ? Delete the Snippet Magic Pro plugin and install Authorsure ? will that fix these problems ?
    third : I would like to get rating stars in the search results as well. How can I get them ??
    Thanks and best regards,
    Michelle recently posted..Récupérer Son Ex En 2013 !My Profile

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