AuthorSure on Atahualpa

The Atahualpa theme does not add any rel=”author” links so you need AuthorSure to add these links.

Screenshot of AuthorSure on Atahualpa Theme

This AuthorSure settings for Atahualpa are:

Author Post Settings: FootNote or AuthorBox

Author Page Settings: as you like it

Advanced Settings: use default settings


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  1. Cannot seem to find where my author page URL is in my Atahualpa theme to add it on my Google+ profile.

  2. jimmyrockwood

    Hello – I’m having a problem when using the Atahualpa theme. When you click on the author is says page not found. I’m using the standard permalinks for month and name. Can you please help with this?

    • Hi Jimmy,

      What is the URL of your Author page? And which AuthorSure method are you using to put the rel=author link on the posts?

      • Author Page =
        method is = Authorbox and default settings

        • The issue seems to be the space in the Author slug – it is not to do AuthorSure per se, but it effects its operation.

          AuthorSure uses a standard WordPress function get_author_posts_url() to fetch the author link and this is failing for some reason.

          WordPress does not like having a space in your username – ideally your username should be “JimJ” and the Display Name can be “Jim Johnson”.

          Unfortunately you cannot change the username through WordPres so unless you want to make the edit directly in the database you need to follow the procedure below to create a new user to replace the existing one:

          1. Change both the Display Name and the email address of user “Jim Johnson” to something else
          2. Create a new User JimJ with the correct email address and set the Display Name to Jim Johnson. Also copy across the bio information information and Google+ info, etc
          3. Delete the Jim Johnson user – WordPress will ask you what to do with the posts and you can reallocate them to the new user, JimJ

          Your new author slug will be and this page will be found

          Another fix to this issue (that requires an update to user metadata in the database) is described here –

          • jimmyrockwood

            The strange thing is that the username is only four characters with no spaces, but the author link wants to load my name with a space in the url. Something is corrupt for sure, I’ll let you know what I find.

          • jimmyrockwood

            I found in the database the “user_nicename” was loaded with my name and it did have a space in it. We are fixed now.

            Thanks much Russell for all your help!

          • Glad it is working now. BTW did you install with WordPress with Fantastico?

  3. Hi Russel,

    I used your authorsure plugin with Atahualpa but I have an issue with Google Authorship.
    When I tested my site against Google SDTT i was getting this:

    Email verification has not established authorship for this webpage.
    Email address on the domain has been verified on this profile: Yes
    Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to Yes
    Automatically detected author name on webpage: Ronald Cuares.
    Error: Author name found on the page and Google+ profile name do not match.

    I dont know why Google only detected Ronald Cuares, it should be Rejohn Ronald Cuares. Any thoughts on this?

  4. Hi Russel,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I removed the email verification and only use rel=author markup but still getting an error.

    Cannot verify that rel=author markup has established authorship for this webpage.
    First rel=author link from webpage:
    Link (direct or indirect) from website to Google+ profile: No

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