Author Page Makeover – More Layout Options

With AuthorSure 0.8 there were a number of options to improve the appearance of the author page.

Screenshot of AuthorSure author page display options

Bigger and Brighter Social Media Icons

You can the choose the size of Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Skype and YouTube icons as 16px, 24px or 32px.

Screenshot of various size of social media icons

Show Icons On A Single Line

You can choose not to show each icon on a separate line with a text label and instead just show the icons on a single line. As before you can change the text that precedes the icons. Below is a screenshot of a profile with 32px icons on a single line:

Screenshot of Author Profile icons on a single line

However, if you choose not to use this option and use the multiple line approach it gives you the ability to have a Skype status button. This tells your reader whether you are online/offline on Skype and clicking the button will initiate a Skype call. As before you can customize the label that appears appear each icon. Below is a screenshot of a profile with 16px icons on multiple lines:

Screenshot of Author Profile multiple line

AuthorSure Advanced Settings

But what if you author information is appearing in the wrong place on the place, or is appearing twice on the page?

This can happen if your WordPress Theme (or another authorship plugin) is taking control of the author page and adding extra information.

If it is another authorship plugin then you probably need to choose which one to use, running multiple authorship plugins is unlikely to work.

If you are still reading now I presume you have chosen AuthorSure and deactivated any other authorship, rel=author plugins. Anyway let’s consider the two scenarios separately: 1) where there an 2 author profile sections; and 2) where the author profile section is in the wrong place.

Removing an Extra Author Profile Section

In this scenario you typically want to do the following

  1. clear the “show title” checkbox; and
  2. set the Author bio setting to “none”; and
  3. clear the Posts List Heading

With the settings, AuthorSure only supplies the profile icons. You can adjust the location of the icons as described below.

Changing the Location of where AuthorSure adds Author Profile Information

You can change the value of the “hook_instance” to influence the position of where AuthorSure add the icons. The default is position 1. To try other settings just increment the hook_instance on the admin page, Save it, then refresh the author page and see if that has improved the situation. Normally a position of 2 or 3 will do the trick.

But, if it does not fix the layout, then AuthorSure allows you to specify the “hook” where you want to include the profile links. You need to consult your WordPress theme documentation to find the name of the hook.

I have documented the required AuthorSure settings for some of the most popular themes.

Please comment below if you are having problems with a theme.

We also offer a ‘done for you’ service for $50 for installing AuthorSure. This is available for any one with a problematic theme or is just too busy to do the installation themselves. Just get in contact if you would like us to install AuthorSure for you.


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    • Russell says

      Hi Daniel,

      AuthorSure is adding the first author profile, your WordPress theme is adding the second.

      In AuthorSure Author Page Advanced Settings click the checkbox Append Profile Links to Author Bio inserted by your theme

      You may also want to uncheck the Show Title checkbox
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure On TwentyTwelveMy Profile

    • Russell says

      You need the rel=author link to provide the link from the post/page to the author archive page.

      However you can change the styling so the link is not obvious

      .authorsure-author-box h4 a { text-decoration: none; color: black; }

      Your WordPress theme may be influencing the styling of the author link so you really need to post the URL of the page to determine the precise CSS that is required
      Russell recently posted..How To Hide Your WordPress UsernameMy Profile

  1. says

    Hello – Was hoping to get some help with my author box. I’m unable to see social profile icons within the box. I have selected the “show icons only” but the only place where I’m able to see icons appear is on my “author” page and not within the “author box” or a line (as shown in your example here on this post (see above). Sharing a link to a recent post: and also a link to my author “page”

    Thank you for help and suggestions. :-)

    • Russell says

      Hi Sarah,

      AuthorSure, by design, puts the social icons only on the author page with rel=me links. The rationale for this is based on keeping “link juice” on the site so each post has an author box with an internal link to the author page, and only the author page leaks link juice to the social profiles on other sites.

      I am planning on doing a new release of AuthorSure this weekend.

      I will add an option “Show Icons In AuthorBox”. This will set up social profile links as rel=”nofollow” rather than rel=”me” as they are present simply to be clicked rather than for any SEO or Google Authorship reasons.

      Best Regards

      Russell recently posted..How To Hide Your WordPress UsernameMy Profile

  2. ken says

    Is it possible that AuthorSure conflicts with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin when it comes to the User Profile Contact Info? The latest version of the Yoast plugin supports Twitter Cards. But in order for it to work properly, it puts a new “Twitter Username” field in the User Contact Information section of the user profile in WP. But since AuthorSure has already put a Twitter field there that requires the user’s entire Twitter URL, it seems to prevent the Yoast Plugin from adding the Twitter Username field. As a result, you get an error on the Twitter Card validation for “twitter:creator.” It shows that in that field is the full url and says “unknown user name.”

    Wasn’t sure if you had anyone ask about this yet. Or if you knew of anybody who is using both plugins AND has Twitter Cards turned on and working.



    • Russell says

      Yes there is a collision on 3 contact fields, googleplus , twitter and facebook

      Unfortunately AuthorSure wants them all to be URLs while Yoast requires a name for Twitter.

      function update_contactmethods( $contactmethods ) {
      // Add Google+
      $contactmethods['googleplus'] = __( "Google+", 'wordpress-seo' );
      // Add Twitter
      $contactmethods['twitter'] = __( 'Twitter username (without @)', 'wordpress-seo' );
      // Add Facebook
      $contactmethods['facebook'] = __( 'Facebook profile URL', 'wordpress-seo' );

      return $contactmethods;

      What I could do in the next release of AuthorSure is allow the user to enter either a Twitter name or a Twitter URL – and hence WordPress SEO and AuthorSure will be able to share the same Twitter field for different purposes as they do for the Facebook and GooglePlus URLs.
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

  3. lisarae says

    The gravatar image displayed in the Author Box has a nice border around it making it look very profession. However, when you go to the Author page, the image appears above the text link like its align none instead of align left were the text would wrap around it. The image also does not have the nice border around it making it look not as polished and professional. How can I clean up the look of the image on the Author Page? It would also be nice to be able to increase the size of the image on the Author Page.

    • Russell says

      Hi Lisa,

      It is probably your WordPress theme and not AuthorSure that is display the author photo on your Author Page.

      Please post your author page URL.

      With AuthorSure you can enter an “Extended Bio” which appears at the top of the author page. This is free format to you can include an image, a video whatever you like. If you use an extended Bio then you would need to configure your theme not to show its bio to avoid having two of them
      Russell recently posted..How To Change The Author Box Background ColorMy Profile

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