Skype Call Button on the Author Page

As well as improving the layout of the author page AuthorSure 0.8 fixed a bug with the Skype link on the Author page. Now it makes the Skype icon into a call button. The plugin does this by creating a link of the format “skype:name?call” where the name is the one entered in the author’s profile. When the reader clicks the Skype button, a popup message appears and asks then whether or not they want to either start Skype (or download it if it not already installed). If they decide to continue then a call is initiated.

If you decide to put each icon with a label on a separate line then you also have the option to have a Skype status button. The button changes according to whether or not you are online.

Screenshot of icons when online on SkypeScreenshot of icons when offline on Skype

How To Configure AuthorSure with a Skype Status Button

To implement just make sure you complete the following three steps:

  • Go into Skype Privacy Settings and click “Allow my online status to be shown on the web
  • Go into AuthorSure Settings and make sure that the “Show Icons Only” checkbox in the Author Page section is NOT checked
  • Go to Your Profile and append “/status” to your Skype name in the Contact Methods section. e.g. russelljamieson/status
  • Setting Skype Privacy Settings

    On a PC it look like this:

    Screenshot of Skype Privacy Settings on a PC

    The privacy settings on MAC look a bit different:

    Screenshot of Skype Privacy Settings on a MAC

    Please note I have set the “Allow Calls From:” to be “Contacts” as I want to establish the identity of any caller first, and make them a contact, before accepting a Skype call.

    I will run for a couple of months with my Skype name as publicly visible and see if affects the amount of “Skype spam” I get. I will also dig around and see if the skype URL can be made to do other things than just initiate a call. If would be nice to offer a feature where the link could be made to generate a Skype Contact request.


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  1. Ummeed says

    Can you please enlighten on how to allow online status to be shown on the web to “Few Users Only” and not everybody on the list.

    Thanks and regards.

  2. Pavel says

    I want to propose another option to talk with website visitors. You can just place live chat consultant button on your page and receive all messages directly in Skype. I think this way is much more easier to visitor because hi can stay anonymous and must not have Skype at all.

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