A Quick Introduction To AuthorSure Installation

This video gives you a fast start look at how to install AuthorSure. It is demonstrated on a Genesis site. Please sign up to view the the rest of the videos – membership is free.

Please note that Google no longer use the “Google AuthorShip Request” form that is referred to at the end of the video.


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Don't forget that to get support and a tutorial on how to use the plugin effectively, you need to sign up to our membership site. It's free.


  1. I suspect something has changed since your turorial. There is not, from what I can see a Specific “profile” page. There are options when I choose the drop down menu…under “profile” do I use the link to my “about” section? The page does not resemble what is in the tutorial.

  2. Never mind…updated appearance threw me, but you explained this great! AND my authorships works great!

  3. torontoelectrolysis says:

    This is a great tutorial but when I tested in the Google structured Data Testing Tool it did not verify my site even though I followed the instructions exactly. Does it take time or should it show up right away?

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