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Technologist, software engineer, internet marketer and WordPress plugin developer with experience in Finance, Telecoms and the Media.

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How To Change The Author Box Background Color

AuthorSure uses the color whitesmoke as the background color for the author box. On some WordPress themes then this will reduce the readability of the author bio and hence you will want to set a different color. Paul, who uses the Gymbase theme ran into this issue, and watched advice on how to set his Read more…

Display All Author Bios With A Custom Sort Order

From AuthorSure 2.1 onwards you can now display the author bios of all your contributors in exactly the order you want. Previously you were limited to alphabetical sorting by name, by email address, or by the number of posts. Now you can specify your own custom order by specifying the position of each author on Read more…

AuthorSure Minimum Roles

With AuthorSure 1.8 and later versions, you now have greater control over how Google Authorship is made available to your contributors. This is useful if you have many contributors and you want to implement an external link policy about what they can and cannot do. Google AuthorShip By default AuthorSure will enable authorship for contributors, Read more…