AuthorSure FAQ

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about AuthorSure

We'll add questions with answers as and when we are asked. As the plugin is new, this page will be pretty sparse for a while.

Hiding The AuthorSure Author Box On Ecommerce Pages

On some e-commerce sites AuthorSure is placing an unwanted AuthorBox on product pages. The question is: How do we configure AuthorSure NOT to show the Author Box on product pages but still show it on blog posts? This solution depends on how the ecommerce plugin makes its product pages: are they of type page, post Read more…

Is The AuthorSure Plugin Free?

Yes. The plugin is free to download and use. We only ask that if you want tutorials and support – and you probably will – that you sign up to our get access to our membership site. If you don’t want to sign up then you are free to use the plugin but you won’t Read more…

Does the Plugin Automatically Set Up My Profile on Google Plus?

Sadly, no! You have to set up your profile on Google plus in advance on installing the plugin. Once you have done it, you will be able to find the URL of your Google+ Plus Profile. It will look something like this: Once you have installed the AuthorSure plugin you then enter your Google+ Read more…

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