AuthorSure Plugin Version History

AuthorSure makes it easy to get your content verified for Google Authorship which means you can start building your Author Rank and also get your face to appear in the SERPs.

AuthorSure can be downloaded from

I created the plugin in order that I could get my face in the SERPs for my posts, pages, category and tag archives on my various sites using different themes.

Plugin Changelog (Version History)

Version Date Description
2.2 18-May-2014 Add option to show Author Box above rather than below the post. Add option to choose the tags to use around the author title
2.1 17-Feb-2014 Add orderby parameter to authorsure_authors short code to allow custom sorting
2.0 20-Jan-2014 Add default settings for custom post types, improved integration with Genesis themes and the ability to prevent caching of avatar images by JetPack photon
1.9.1 30-Oct-2013 Fix major bug in 1.9 – bio is not added to author page
1.9 30-Oct-2013 Change Twitter URL to Twitter Name to avoid conflict with WordPress SEO Twitter Cards, fix last updated date on archive pages and add home page rel=author link
1.8.1 14-Oct-2013 Fix Avatar display bug
1.8 07-Oct-2013 Set minimum user role at which Google Authorship applies (e.g Administrator, Editor, Author or Contributor) and add facility to strip links from author bios. This is useful if your contributors are filling their profiles with affiliate links.
1.7 16-May-2013 Fix issue with Author Box (or author footnote) not appearing when the content of the post was read more than once on the page (for example it was pre-fetched to derive a twitter description which was to be stored in meta values)
1.6 13-May-2013 Add control over whether or not author links in footnotes and author boxes appear on custom post pages (e.g landing pages); fix bug with saving of archive terms by moving settings into a separate option called authorsure_term_options
1.5 12-Mar-2013 Add ability to show avatar in the bio on the Author Archive page; include authorsure.css automatically on pages that use the an authorsure short code; and add a div element with id #authorsure-author-profile that wraps the content at the top of the author archive page so make control of padding, margins and font easier to customize.
1.4 29-Jan-2013 Add Pinterest and added option to control whether or not external links in author bios are made rel=nofollow
1.3 20-Jan-2013 Do not insert author bio on author feeds
1.2 11-Jan-2013 Remove extra spaces in Author Box and queue stylesheet earlier on page
1.1 11-Dec-2012 Make any links in the bios rel=”nofollow”
1.0 19-Apr-2012 Add option to inject profile icons with link to Google+ on an author page that already has a bio; improve Skype button implementation so Skype status checked only when the rest of the page has loaded
0.9 11-Apr-2012 Add options to disable the author box on all pages and on the home page, add setting on the page editor to allow the default setting to overiden; i.e. hide the author box on that page when the default is to show the author box on all pages, or show the author box when the default is to hide the author box on all pages
0.8 10-Apr-2012 Added improved control over the layout of your author page, now works with more WordPress themes, adds Skype status feature, added authorsure_authors shortcode for inclusion on authors listing page, changed default behavior to show author box on pages as well as posts
0.7 24-Feb-2012 Added support for category, tag or other taxonomy archive pages
0.6 14-Feb-2012 Initial Release

Example of SERPs for AuthorSure

This is a sample of the SERPs results as of April 20th, 2012. It is a work in progress as far as faces in the Google search results are concerned:

  • Faces showing for new blog posts and new pages
  • Faces not showing for my older blog posts but they are showing for Lizzy’s older posts – maybe because her face showed up on other web-sites before mine
  • Faces showing for category and tag archive pages
  • Logo not showing on home page

I expect everything to show up apart form maybe the logo on the home page as it not clear what Google are doing as far as rel=publisher and showing the logo in the SERPs

Screenshot of SERPs for AuthorSure


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