How To Display All Authors Bios On Your Site

If you are running a multiple author blog with many guest posts you may want to display a page with the biographies of all the contributing authors on your site.

Authors List Example

Authorsure allows you to do this with a shortcode: authorsure_authors

Here is it in action below:


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Technologist, software engineer, internet marketer and WordPress plugin developer with experience in Finance, Telecoms and the Media.

Choosing What Authors To Include

You can decide which authors appear in the listing by editing their profile and updating the Author Bio Settings.

Screenshot of adding author to the authors list

Removing Author Box For This Page

You probably want to remove any author box at the foot of this page for the current author since it appears in the list anyway. To do this, tick the checkbox in AuthorSure Settings on the Edit Page

Screenshot of hiding the Author Box

Other Short Codes


This short code adds the author box for the current author at the location specified. It is intended for use on single post and archive pages.


This short code adds the author profile links for the current author at the location specified. It is intended for use on the author pages.


      • Sam says

        Hello Russell,

        Thanks for the great plugin. I’d pay for a premium version, but since you don’t seem to be offering one I used your Donate button instead.

        Unfortunately, I believe your update changed all the links on the Author profile page to nofollow, including internal links. My preference would be to make all links on the author page follow, both internal and external.

        I would be glad to pay for this custom work, please let me know.

        • Russell says

          Hi Sam,

          Thanks for your comments.

          I realised that making the link nofollow was too prescriptive so I added an option to choose about a couple of weeks ago but did not get round to publishing release 1.5.

          Screenshot of Author page options

          I will release AuthorSure 1.5 which later today.

          If you would like to support the plugin then please submit a 5 star review at


          Russell recently posted..Hiding The AuthorSure Author Box On Ecommerce PagesMy Profile

          • Sam says

            Hey there Russell, review submitted.

            I was on 1.4 and just upgraded to 1.5, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have corrected the issue at all. I have the ‘nofollow’ box unchecked, but all links (internal and external) are nofollow. Here are two separate blogs experiencing the same problem:
            The first is on 1.4, the second on 1.5

            Any ideas?

          • Russell says

            Hi Sam,

            I viewed the HTML source of are there are NO nofollow links on the page

            There are 8 rel=”nofollow” links on but these are nothing to do with AuthorSure. The nofollow links exists on a hidden “icon” menu. Your CSS is.

            #icon_nav {
            overflow: auto;
            display: none;

            When displayed it looks like this:

            Annotated Screenshot of Author page

            The nofollow of the links can be done in the menu settings or directly by your theme.

          • Sam says

            I found the problem, which was on my end. The links themselves weren’t nofollow, it was a page level nofollow in the robots meta tag. I’m using the Thesis theme, and unless you go to the Thesis>Site Options>Robots Meta Tags and change the settings, author pages are nofollow by default. Or at least that was the case on both my sites. Anyway, just leaving this here in case others make the same mistake. Thanks to Russell for the quick support.

  1. says

    Our website blog is wordpress. Main page on website has google+ mark up but blog page does not contain google+ publisher mark up. Could it be the the reason that author profile is not showing up even after 10 days.?

  2. Amir says

    Hi Russel & Liz,

    We installed authorsure and populated our About Us page with a list of our lead journalists, however, their images and respective biography summaries are not flush in the same row as per the example you posted on this page. The Gravatars appear above each bio summary. Is there a way to correct this and, moreover, add the social media icons. Here is the page in question:

    Thank you!

    • Russell says

      Hi Amir,

      When inspecting the source code of your page I see a break character between the avatar image and the title of the author (About Ahmed Hussein). The problem of the extra space was fixed in 1.2 in January so I guess you may be running version 1.1?

      Please update your site AuthorSure 1.4.

      Also the AuthorSure CSS is not appearing in your minified file on the About page. On investigation this is actually a bug in AuthorSure. The CSS file is only included if you are using the Author Box method (and your site is using the byline method), it is an Author Archive page, or it is the About page and you are using the ‘menu’ method.

      The line of code that needs to run is

      wp_enqueue_style( AUTHORSURE, AUTHORSURE_PLUGIN_URL.'authorsure.css',array(),AUTHORSURE_VERSION);

      For reasons of performance and efficiency I do not want to load the authorsure.css on every page automatically, especially if it is not being used. Therefore, I will add to the AuthorSure Settings box on the Edit Page/Post page and have a checkbox – include AuthorSure CSS

      I will add this feature in the next release which will be in a few days time.


      Russell recently posted..Hiding The AuthorSure Author Box On Ecommerce PagesMy Profile

    • Russell says

      Hi Kathryn,

      There are TWO nofollow settings

      • AuthorSure Post Settings – Nofollow links in Bio – this affects the links in the bio in the Author Box on the posts/page
      • AuthorSure Author Page Settings – Nofollow links in Bio – this affects the links in the summary/extended bio on author archive pages

      I believe you have cleared the first check box but not the second.

      The reason for having different settings is that you may for example allow your contributor to place an affiliate link in the bio on their author page (of which there is one) but you will not necessarily want that link to appear in the author box on all their posts.

      Summary and Extended Bios – Link Juice and SEO

      From an SEO point of view as site owner, you would like the Author Box that appears on each post to have no links at all so the post does not leak link juice off the site. However, all an author’s posts will pass link juice to their author page. It is reasonable to allow some of that juice to be passed to a link of the author’s choice. To achieve this, the author can use the default short bio with no links in the author box, and then add an extended bio, with the external links, photos, video, etc in their extended bio. This approach works really well from both a SEO standpoint and for human readability.
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    • Russell says

      Hi Kathryn,

      Liz was able to log in and remove the ‘x’ in the checkbox for “Nofollow links in Bio” in the Author Box. She did this by changing the Author Indicator from Byline to Author Box first, removed the ‘x’ from the checkbox, then set the Author Indicator back to Byline before saving.

      If you look at your writers page now then the links are no longer rel=”nofollow”. (Remember to clear the cache if you do not see an update)

      Best Regards

      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

  3. says


    I wan to ask, do I really need to show my author bio on my blog in every post? I’m afraid if its include a profile link on another site, it will be detect as a duplicate or such as a spamming activity. I know that author bio is needing when we write on guest blog opportunity.

    So, it will be ok if we use no-follow link on our author bio?
    Fika Thiana recently posted..Tips Belanja : Beli TV Plasma yang Mana Nih?My Profile

    • Russell says


      No, you don’t need to show an author bio on every page – all you need is a link back to the author page – so maybe choose the ‘byline’ method if your WordPress theme provides a rel=author link in the byline, or choose the ‘footnote’ method to have an unobtrusive link placed at the foot of the post.

      The duplicate content is not really an issue as the author bio is only part of the page. rel=nofollow is intended for paid links, untrusted links, comments or protected content (logins, etc) so normally you would want to follow your profile links. The link will lose “link juice” from the site whether it is nofollow or follow therefore it makes more sense to pass that juice to your profile pages.

      Using the footnote method means that there are less links on the page and the link juice from each post/page is passed via the internal rel=author link to the author page. Only the profile links on each author page pass the link juice off the site.
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  4. Mikee says

    I’m a noob and wanted to ask how can a make the contributor of the website appeared on an author box instead of the admin profiles? I tried to add but unfortunately that one that appeared was the admins profile and bio and not the contributors bio

    • Russell says

      @Mikee, It is likely that when the administrators publish the draft posts created by contributors, they also changed the author to be themselves. You need to make sure that the contributor is shown as the “Author” of the post.
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

    • Russell says

      Hi Gon,

      Right now AuthorSure sorts the authors by their “display name”

      AuthorSure uses the WordPress function “get_users” –

      What order to you want? Is it completely customized? Or would one of these do?

      – Sort by ‘ID’, ‘login’, ‘nicename’, ’email’, ‘url’, ‘registered’, ‘display_name’, or ‘post_count’.
      Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

      • says

        Thanks for the quick response Russell.
        I need them complete customized, but I guess I could make it work by ID as well since I can change those values from the DB or maybe recreate them in the order I need.
        So you are saying I could modify that reference function?


        • Russell says

          The get_users function does not have any filter which would allow re-sorting of the results.

          My suggestion is that I add an orderby parameter to the shortcode so you can specify something like orderby="author_sequence"

          where author_sequence is the name of a custom field meta field held against each author.

          This is a bit cleaner that changing IDs. The ordering will be numeric. Initially set the numbers 10 apart so you can insert authors later; e.g 10, 20, 30, 40 etc
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          • says

            Hey Russell! Hope you are doing ok.
            How is the enhancement going? I can spare some time to help you guys with the testing if needed, just let me know.
            Thanks in advance!


          • Russell says

            Hi G,

            The new feature to have a custom sort order for the author list has been released in AuthorSure 2.1.

            Use [authorsure_authors orderby="custom"] on the page where you have your list of authors.

            There is a new field on each user’s profile called Position On Author List. Set the the number there to order the authors in the desired sequence.
            Russell recently posted..AuthorSure Minimum RolesMy Profile

          • says

            Thanks for the quick response Russell. I am having an issue: I set the order for all authors (starting from 1), but it seems to be taking the user ID instead when specified with the custom order by in the short code.
            We do have some users with no posts yet, could that be a problem?
            Thanks in advance,

          • Russell says

            G, Apologies for this. There was a buggette/quirk in the WordPress core code for author retrieval which has now been circumvented in AuthorSure 2.1.1.

            With orderby="custom" only authors that have been given a value for “Position on Author List” are displayed whether they have posts or not.

            Any author with a blank “Position on Author List” is not displayed when using the custom sort order.

            Also note that if you want to display authors sorted by name then all author bios are displayed whatever the value of “Position on Author List”. The value only comes into play when the custom ordering is requested.
            Russell recently posted..Display All Author Bios With A Custom Sort Order My Profile

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